Wilkinson Technologies, Ltd.



Wilkinson Technologies, Ltd., carries a complete supply of 30″ x1.0″ ; 26″ x 1.0″ and 24″ x 1.0″ A36 and X-52 conductor and drive pipe.

Our suppliers also carry a large supply of Caisson and Pile material and are usually available on next day delivery.

Wilkinson offers double jointing, internal stabing guides, speed guides, pad eyes and lifting eyes for Conductor/Drive Pipe, Caisson and Pile fabrication.

Some of the pipe items offered include:

  • Blade Pad Eyes
  • Lifting Eyes
  • T-Type Pad Eyes
  • Speed Guides f/Piles & Drive Pipe
  • Stabbing Guides f/Caissons
  • Drive Shoes
  • Submerged Arc Double Jointing
  • Flux Core Double Jointing
  • Machine cut internal transition bevels
  • Flame cut internal transition bevels
  • Internal bevels f/drive joint or drive shoe
  • Radiographic Inspection
  • Ultra Sonic Inspection
  • Mag Particle Inspection